Shami Jewelry 2006

Shami Jewelry approached Spiral Art in 2006 to develop a unique animated flash website that aims to present fresh new products at that time with stunning animation, Spiral Art worked with their jewelry designer to understand the concept behind each piece of Jewelry they want to promote so Spiral Art would generate a unique conceptual animation for each of them.

The challenge was that we needed to give an exposure on each piece by its own and declare its own beauty so we developed a random number of 14 introductions, so each time you visit the website you would see a different jewel.

It was one of our very first websites at that time, and even years later we still find it one of the very unique projects to talk about and feature.


Private Hospitals Association (PHA) International Branding

From the branding success that we did with the Specialty Hospital which awarded them the JCI international award and helped them get the King abdulla 2 award for 2 years in a row, Hospital's Management was also in charge of the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) which was funded by USAID, Spiral Art Developed some of the international ADs, Rollups & Banners about Jordan medical Tourisim. 


Specialty Hospital 2008 Advertising Campaign

We started with the specialty hospital from earlier from 2008, when we helped them prepare a unique report design for King abdulla II award, as the results were astonishing the hospital began to hire us for serveral other projects, and one from them is an advertising campaign about them getting the Join Commission International award as the very first hospital in Jordan to get this award, we publsihed our ads on Tv, Radio, Outdoor street signs, Newspapers and magazines at that time, with an elegant simple hand holding the earth globe gently to represent the powerful medical and yet elegant grip of what Specialty Hospital do best.


DCP International website

Another amazing project done by Spiral Art, DCP (Don Construction Products) are a UK based company with 11 countries branches, that are specialized with building chemicals Spiral Art created them a CD Presentation in 2009 and based on the amazing success of that CD, DCP decided to create a website using our service, the website is custom built using technology, with the ability to add/remove products and also generate a CD presentation out from the admin side it self. 



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